Find out about SPV Training

Our Training team can assist you and your business in gaining the best Roofing and Cladding qualifications in the West Midlands.

As market leading roofing contractors, SPV are well aware of the current skills shortage in the difficulties in attracting new entrants to our industry.

SPV created a Training Hub in 2019 to look to assist with this and encourage more young people to consider a career in construction.

Everyone in the industry knows that roofing offers a fantastic long-term career. It’s well paid, it offers excellent career progression opportunities for those who are keen and competent, allows for the ability to move between other trades, it offers an opportunity to travel the country as well as many other perks.

With the industry now experiencing rates of growth, particularly in house-building, this is putting further strain on an industry which has already been facing skills shortages.

Attracting and developing young blood is key to the long term success of roofing companies.

Apprentices bring enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas to a business to help contribute to its development and success.

However, both recruiting and developing apprentices is not an easy process. Poor perception of the industry, outdated stereotypes and a lack of awareness of the opportunities within the sector have held our industry back for years.

The only way to change this is through engaging with young people and those outside the industry and through this vision the SPV Training centre was born.