Safe Working Practices

Grant Tier 2 – Course Code GET3024

Basic knowledge of Sheeting & Cladding Terminology & Techniques beneficial but not essential | Duration: 6 hours over 2 days

Course Scope

  • Laws & Legislation.
  • Health & Safety.
  • PPE.
  • Accidents & Emergencies.
  • Fire.
  • Using equipment safely.
  • Selecting the correct equipment for the task.
  • Materials.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Waste management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise that legislation exists to recognise and protect the rights and responsibilities of individuals, organisations, and the public.
  • Understand and explain the requirements ofEmployment Law, Health & Safety Law, the Health &Safety Executive HSE inspections.
  • Understand the basic requirements of legislation, regulations, codes of practice and standards.
  • Describe the importance of keeping to a work programme without compromising health and safety.
  • Describe the methods for reporting circumstances which will affect the work programme.
  • Recognise and report hazards.
  • Identify, select, fit, and use appropriate PPE for the relevant work task or activity.
  • State how emergencies should be responded to in accordance with company procedures and personal skills.
  • Identify and safely use power tools for the task or activity.
  • Describe the purpose and use of ancillary equipment necessary for power tools used for the work activity.
  • Identify and explain the requirements for working with various materials.
  • Explain the purpose of an accident book and the information which should be recorded in it.
  • State the types of fire extinguishers available and describe how and when they are used.
  • Explain company procedures to reduce the risk of harm, how to raise the alarm if required and follow the workplace fire evacuation plan.
  • Understand and interpret risk assessments with identified workplace hazards, appropriate control methods and required PPE.
  • Identify and explain the health and safety requirements for dealing with several factors.
  • Describe how to safely use working platforms and access equipment
  • Explain the requirements for the inspection of various equipment.
  • Identify and explain the hazards and risks involved with using hand and power tools.
  • Identify and safely use hand tools for the task or activity.
  • Explain the need for effective waste management on site.