Overview of Roof Sheeting & Cladding

Grant Tier 2 – Course Code GET3022

Basic knowledge of Sheeting & Cladding Terminology & Techniques beneficial but not essential | Duration: 1 day course (6 hours)

Course Scope

  • Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practise & Standards .
  • Site Inductions.
  • Tools.
  • Materials.
  • Roofing & Cladding Components.
  • Types & Shapes of roofs.
  • Terminology.
  • Plans, Drawings & Instructions.
  • Workmanship, Quality & Best Practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the requirements of legislation,regulations, codes of practice & BSEN standards.
  • Explain the requirements of site inductions.
  • Explain the requirements for tools and equipmentinspections.
  • Explain the requirements for relevant materials.
  • Describe the characteristics, use, limitations, andpossible defects associated with roofing and claddingcomponents.
  • Correctly identify and describe roof types, roofshapes, components and terminology.
  • Identify, select, and prepare roofing andcladding components.
  • Explain the need for working relationships,company procedures, programmes of workand reporting problems.
  • Explain the use of plans and drawings,manufacturer’s instructions, and data.
  • Explain the need for workmanship andquality, preparation, setting out, airtightness and ventilation.
  • Demonstrate best practice in fixing andinstalling, problem solving, repairs.